Dacrystic seizure: a child’s cry for help

  • Apala Aggarwal
  • Om Sai Ramesh Vallamkonda
  • Dinesh Kataria


Dacrystic Seizure (DS) is a rare type of epileptic seizure associated with a variety of etiologies such as hypothalamic hamartoma, neurosyphilis, tumors, vascular disorders, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, degenerative disorders and cerebral infarction. We present a case report of a 13 year old girl with 30 hours of paroxysmal crying along with intermittent periods of confabulation followed by unconsciousness. She also reported to have generalized tonic clonic seizures (GTCS) in early childhood and absence seizures (AS) in early adolescence just prior to the onset of DS.

Case Reports