Internet Use Among Adolescents

  • Janki Jhala
  • Renu Sharma


Background: There has been an explosive growth in the internetusage across the world over the past decade. The internet has been a facilitating medium of communication and socializing with people all over the world. It has specifically been transforming the adolescent world by giving them opportunity to acquire knowledge, express their feelings freely and to let them know what has been happening in the peer group.

Aim: The present study aims to find out the prevalence and the nature of the internet use among adolescents studying in Vadodara district.

Method: A totalof 1331 participants between the age group 13 and 19 years, studying in Grades 9 to 12, filled out the self-report Internet Addiction Test. Results:Results indicate that 24.2% of the total sample were classified as the potential high users of the internet. Results also indicated differences in the internet usage patterns of adolescents in following dimensions: between gender, in urban and rural areas of Vadodara, English and Gujarati medium schools and among different grades.

Conclusion: Internet use among adolescents is prevalent and the nature of the usage of internet is affected by the place, availability of new technology, medium of instruction and by the gender of the respondents.

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