Emergence of Problematic Internet Use among Indian Adolescents: A Multi Method study

  • Sanjeev Davey
  • Anuradha Davey
  • JV Singh


Background: The current internet era has opened its many pros andcons in the form of; not only better, faster and improved working ability in shorter time, but also an emergence of a newer form of disorder in Adolescents namely “Problematic Internet Use (PIU)” not only globally but also in India.

Methods: First any kind of studies on “Problematic Internet Use (PIU)” were searched from major electronic search engines such as Pubmed, Cochrane database, Psyc INFO, Biomed Central, Google Scholar etc, followed by extensive manual search of articles even in unpublished form till 31stMarch 2015; and comparison of prevalence’s in India from other developing and developed world was done in Systematic review. Finally the prevalence estimation of “problematic internet use” among Indian adolescents” from any type of university of India; where any related studies were carried, was done by meta-analysis method for proportions by Med-Calc software.

Results: Out of total 33 articles included, only 9 studies on PIU in India were taken in meta-analysis; which revealed that although the overall pooled prevalence of “problematic internet use” was lower i.e. 21.6% [95%C.I.=0.2%-63%], despite heterogeneity among studies [(Q=5340, 95% C.I.=99.83to99.87], but it was statistically significant (p<0.0001) indicating it to be an emerging problem among Adolescents of India.

Conclusions: PIU in India is appearing as an emerging adolescent health problem and urgent internet regulatory guidelines and strategies needs to be chalked out for adolescents from Government of India, for shaping health of our future generations.

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