Changing social milieu and emotional disorders of childhood

  • Swapnajeet Sahoo
  • Adarsh Kohli
  • Aditi Sharma
  • Susanta Kumar Padhy


Introduction: The Indian society has been undergoing a visible change due to various reasons resulting in a change in social and family milieu. Children and adolescents being recipients of the changing family set up, changing relationships and the cumulative stress face numerous problems. Emotional disorders of children and adolescents are on the rise among the different psychiatric disorders of children. Parent, child and environmental factors have been implicated in the development of such disorders.

Aims: To explore the conflicts of children with emotional disorders and to find the association of the conflicts assessed on Sentence Completion Test and Children’s Apperception Test with the clinical variables from the case study.

Methodology: Retrospective study of 27 children and adolescents diagnosed as emotional disorders were taken and conflicts were assessed by Sentence Completion Test and Children Apperception Test, which were analyzed with clinical variables.

Results: Majority of children, both males and females had disturbed relationship with parents (48%) and perceived family environment as unhealthy, had poor coping skills (85%), weak self identification(48%) and were unable to express themselves (74%).

Discussion and Conclusion: Poor parenting and poor inter-parental relationship have been found to be an important contributing factor in emotional disorders of children and adolescents.

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