School-based mental health promotion for urban adolescents in India

  • M Nithya Poornima
  • Ashwini NV


The mental health of adolescents is influenced by developmental changes inherent in adolescence and by their socio-cultural milieu. Existing literature indicates that well-planned school-based interventions to promote the mental health of adolescents are effective in helping adolescents cope with the many changes within and around them. This article presents SPEARTM- a school-based model for universal mental health promotion among urban adolescents that emphasizes the need for focus on the individual and intuition. This model builds on evidence-based research on school-based socio-emotional learning and ancient Indian concepts of education to create a safe space for adolescents to develop clarity about themselves and their mental health. Elements of the program are discussed to present the potential prospects and consequences of this approach to school-based mental health promotion for adolescents.

Conceptual article