Reflections of medical students on causes of rising suicide among medical aspirants

  • Naresh Nebhinani
  • Pooja Patnaik Kuppili
  • Vandana Kapoor
  • Vaishali R
  • Kartik Singhai
  • Mamta


Youth suicide is rising among medical aspirants. The index study was planned among students pursuing MBBS, with an aim to assess their views about the causes of rising suicide among medical aspirants. After obtaining informed consent, 158 medical students were recruited through convenient sampling from MBBS first, second and third years. Through Think-Pair-Share strategy, students were asked about possible factors for rising youth suicide among medical aspirants.

Assessment carried out through the think-pair-share technique demonstrated that the students thought that a plethora of factors related to the students, family, coaching institute was associated with increased suicide amongst the medical aspirants. They suggested several solutions to prevent suicide such as improving skills for stress management, effective communication, coping, addressing expectations, pressure from parents and peers as well as improving the study environment and infrastructure in the coaching institute. Hence, medical students' reflection about causes and possible solutions for rising youth suicide among medical aspirants is important for planning effective, multidisciplinary intervention plan.

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