A preliminary evaluation of MEParenting® Programme

  • Sumit Rana
  • Manish K Goel
  • Om Sai Ramesh V Ramesh V
  • Dinesh Kr Kataria


Background: MEParenting® is a community based parenting program with the aim of enhancing self-regulation & compliance in the child and self-regulation of the parents, based on the principles of Motivational Enhancement Parenting (MEP) model.

Aim: To evaluate MEParenting® program in terms of Context, Input, Process, and Product. Methods: Randomly identifies parents were included in the study after taking informed consent. The participants attended the MEParenting® workshop sessions. The sessions were preceded by Registration and a Pre-Test. Sessions were followed by Post-Test and program evaluation by the participants. Follow up evaluation was done after 2 months. The analysis of the program was done for Context, Input, Process and Product.

Results: Review of parenting literature as well as participants’ feedback revealed that the objectives, strategies and methods of the MEParenting® program are technically adequate, empirically sound, culturally acceptable and appropriate. Participants accepted that the model explains the various nuances of their child’s behaviour and their own behaviour. The program followed the schedule; the participants actively participated and completed the sessions. The program received positive rating and post-test score significantly improved. In product (outcome) evaluation, positive change was reported in all the domains viz. Parenting, Child’s problem behaviour, Parental Well-being, Parents’ Relationship quality and Parent-Child Relationship Quality.

Conclusions: Positive results in preliminary evaluation are encouraging. Further studies are required to evaluate observational assessment for product evaluation, bigger sample size, to assess the reasons for non-improvement in certain domains in certain sub-population like.

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