Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Child and Adolescent Mental Health

  • Tanu Gupta
  • Naresh Nebhinani


COVID-19 pandemic has brought number of mental health challenges worldwide. The rising mental health issues and concerns are termed as “second pandemic” for children and adolescents. They are struggling with fear, anxiety, uncertainty, depression and constant worries about future. Children and adolescents are considered as special population who are also facing the psychological and emotional brunt of this pandemic. Corona virus has given life a pause for each one of us. People are staying home with plenty of time for reading updates, listening to news and getting information from different sources. Information comprised a mix of reliable and non-reliable sources thus creates an environment of fear, anxiety, panic and uncertainty. Children are also receiving the cues from the environment, family and parents that something is not going right around the world. Along with the disease, the impact of lockdown to prevent the spread has gained much attention in an individual’s mind. Children are home confined with a prolonged school break when they were excited to begin their new class/new session at school.