Schizo-obsessive presentation in a young girl with DiGeorge syndrome

  • Ashvin C
  • Bikram K Dutta child & adolescent dept, NIMHANS
  • Shekhar P Seshadri


DiGeorge syndrome (DGS), linked with the deletion of a gene located in chromosome 22-band 22q11, commonly presents with a triad of conotruncal cardiac anomalies, hypoplastic thymus, and hypocalcaemia. DGS is associated with cognitive deficits, neurodevelopmental disorders, and high rates of schizophrenia and anxiety disorders; hence, psychiatrists have an important role in the diagnosis and timely treatment of the disorder. Comorbid Schizophrenia with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder presentation is one of the uncommon ways in which patients might present. The aim of this report is to raise awareness of picking up early sub-threshold features, the need for long term follow up, rational use of medications in atypical presentations, and multi-faceted approach to intervention.

Case Reports