Anorexia nervosa in a preadolescent male

  • Hiral kotadia Assistant Professor , departement of psychiatry, Sri Aurobindo Institute of medical Sciences, Indore, madhya pradesh
  • Ankita Maheshwari


Anorexia nervosa (AN) has been predominantly considered as a disorder of western culture. Also, it is labelled as a "disorder of females belonging to the upper socio-economic class". Anorexia nervosa in males is often underdiagnosed. The age of onset is generally early to mid-adolescence. Here we present a case of AN in a male belonging to the lower middle socio-economic class having onset in preadolescence. The case highlights the symptomatology in preadolescent males with AN. Also, it highlights the challenges faced in management. The case description suggests preadolescent males may also present with AN and that the clinician needs to remain gender-neutral while evaluating for eating disorders.

Case Reports