Interactions between Parental Psychopathology, Family Instability and Child Disruptive Behavior –A Case Report

  • Rashmi Shukla
  • Vivek Agarwal


Development of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is complex. Evidence suggests that maladaptive parenting, high levels of parent-child conflict, can be a risk factor for low self-control in children. Parents may pass on genetic risk factors for low self-control. Parental psychopathology can also affect the quality of interaction and parenting. Maternal characteristics and dysfunctional family interactions are related to the onset and development of disruptive behavior in children. With an aim to substantiate the complex interplay between child and parents with regard to the way he is brought up and influence of parental behavior in the mind of the children, we are reporting a case of ODD with a Conversion Disorder.

Case Reports