Digital self-harm in adolescents: Strategies of Prevention

  • Sujita Kumar Kar
  • SM Yasir Arafat


Digital self-harm is a form of digital aggression which is directed towards self. In digital self-harm behaviour, information technology largely influences this dangerous activity [2]. The information technology may induce or support or exacerbate the ideas of self-harm in an individual resulting in self-harm behaviour. Individuals posting, sending and or sharing contents about hurting self, amounts to digital self-harm. The purview of digital self-harm is not limited to posting information related to hurting self; it also includes demean oneself, or show oneself in a bad light, or cyberbullying oneself.

There is a single article found after a search of the PubMed database from the time of inception till end of August 2020, using the search term “Digital self-harm” signifies the dearth research on it. Here we aimed to discuss digital self-harm behaviour among adolescents

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