Psychological and emotional response to Lockdown in children during the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 in urban areas of Jaipur

  • Khushboo Bairwa Psychiatrist
  • Sumit Gakkhar
  • Supriya Mathur
  • Poonam Garg


Background: The COVID-19 pandemic created havoc all across the world in the lives of people in the year 2020. The fear and uncertainty created by the pandemic and the complete Lockdown enforced for, containment of disease led to exceeding levels of stress among children & adolescents. The assessmentof psychological impact due to Lockdown on children & adolescents is limited and the research aimed to study this impact.

Aims &Objectives: Evaluation of psychological and emotional impact of Lockdown on the children and adolescents.

Materials & Methods: The study was conducted through online surveys in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan state of India using the Snowball sampling technique. The Study group included Children of the age between 6 to 16 years and Short Mood &Feeling Questionnairewas used for assessment of mental well-being of the participants. A total number of 301 valid responses were received.

Results &Conclusion:Mental well-being of both children and adolescents is equally affected due to Lockdown. There is a need to devise specific strategies to alleviate mental burnout in children and adolescents.

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