Protective factors against suicidality in childhood and adolescence

  • Naresh Nebhinani
  • Kartik Singhai


Adolescence phase is characterized by a multitude of challenges which enhance the vulnerability of an individual to various mental health outcomes. Half of the lifetime cases of psychiatric disorders present by the age of 14 years and three-fourth of the all lifetime cases of psychiatric disorders evolve by age of 24 years. India is accounting high number of suicides in the world, despite having significant growth in economic power, literacy rates and health indices. Children and adolescents constitute about two-fifth of Indian population. Evidence of suicidal ideation in preadolescent children is substantial. Adolescents who have suicidal ideation have a 12 times greater risk of suicide at the age of 30. Suicide is the second common cause of death in the age group of 15-29 years.