Screen time among children and adolescents: A necessity or a problem

Screen time among children and adolescents

  • Ruchi Singh AIIMS Bhopal
  • Ragini Shrivastava AIIMS Bhopal
  • Sunil Chouhan AIIMS Bhopal
Keywords: Sleep, Screen time, Adolescents, Mental Health


 In this era of digitization everyone including the children and adolescents are being exposed to screen either due to necessity arising out of distant education, socializing, entertainment or most recently for continuing the teaching schedule of students in schools and professional colleges due to Covid-19 pandemic. Good technical knowledge is among the necessary skill requirements now days. Recent Covid-19 pandemic compelled the schools all around the world to shift all teachings to online mode. Incorporation of digital technology in school curriculum to meet the growing demands of techno-friendly individuals is the need of the hour. Now the dilemma is whether the parents should restrict the screen hours to protect their children from the reported harmful effects or should they promote them to gain knowledge and acquire skills for future? 

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