Parent’s response to COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges ahead and way forward

  • Tanu Gupta
  • Naresh Nebhinani


Parenting has always been a rollercoaster ride experience, mixed with moments of enthusiasm, doubts and fears. Pandemic has made it furthermore turbulent for parents owing to associated roles/responsibilities, uncertainty, insecurity and fear. It’s been more than a year that parents are struggling with number of new roles and responsibility. Initial days of pandemic were passed with the hope that things may return back to normal in few days or months. Prolonged continuation of pandemic and lethality of second wave has left families with devastating experience of losing their loved ones and constant worries about the future. As scientists are predicting the third wave in coming days which might impact more to children and adolescents, who account for 42% of world’s population that has further raised an alarm for everyone and especially for parents. The questions come in everyone’s mind “Are we prepared enough to face the challenge ahead?” and we are unable to find a certain answer.