Clinical profile of children in conflict with law residing in an Observation cum Juvenile Justice Home

  • Aarzoo Gupta
  • Nidhi Malhotra
  • Chavan BS


Introduction: Juvenile delinquency is emerging as a matter of great concern in India; however, there is limited data on clinical profile of Juveniles in conflict from law from India.

Methodology: It was a cross sectional study. Data was collected from 156 inmates of observation-cum-special home in Chandigarh using a semi structured format.

Results: Mean age of the participants was 15.6 (±1.9) years of age with 6.8 (±2.2, range 2 to 12) years as mean years of education. There was history of past alleged act in 25% cases. Birth and developmental problems were found to be present in about one third inmates. Behavioral problems were reported to be present in as high as 82% inmates with about half of them reporting from than one problem. Substance use was present in 57% subjects and psychological issues like anxiety and sadness in 26% inmates. Psychosocial issues like violence at home and neighborhood were reported by 30% and 38% inmates respectively. 

Conclusion: Juveniles in conflict with law face many issues like behavioral problems, psychological issues, substance abuse, violence and neglect. Identification and management of these problems is necessary for reformation of juveniles and desistance from criminal behavior.

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