Parents views about online classes during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic: A web-based cross-sectional survey

  • Sandeep Grover
  • Sandeep Kumar Goyal
  • Aseem Mehra
  • Swapnajeet Sahoo
  • Samta Goyal


Aim: To assess the impact of online classes (started in view of COVID-19 pandemic) on the physical and psycho-behavioural parameters of children as perceived by their parents.

Methodology: A cross-sectional web-based survey was carried out among the parents of children attending the online classes due to the ongoing pandemic.

Results: 289 parents (either mother/father, or any other relative; 67.8% - mothers) responded to the survey. The majority of the responders perceived online classes to be less comfortable, less satisfactory; and reported that their children had poor attention and concentration, had a lower level of learning in the theoretical and practical aspect of the subject. Most parents reported their child gets distracted and engages in surfing the internet or participating in online competitions. About half of the parents reported an increase in irritability (45.0%), the increased demand to go to school (45.0%), and a reduction in self-hygiene/care (43.3%). The other common behavioural problems as reported were stubbornness (36.3%), demanding behaviour (30.0%), tantrums (27.3%), and manipulativeness (27.0%).

Conclusion: These preliminary findings suggest that the level of learning with in-person school-based classes is far superior to the online classes. The online classes might have a negative impact on the behaviour and physical health of the children.

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