Treatment of chronic psychogenic vomiting in an adolescent – successful use of multiple therapeutic strategies

  • Vinayak Koparde
  • Vinutha Ramesh
  • Preethi Anne Ninan
  • Nithya Poornima
  • Satish Chandra Girimaji


Children and adolescents commonly present with physical symptoms which cannot be explained by known somatic etiopathogenesis, and psychogenic vomiting is one of them. Persistent vomiting as a manifestation of psychological stress is not very common but it can be associated with severe functional impairment and significant burden on caregivers. The guidelines for treating psychogenic vomiting have not yet been established and the treatment for such a condition need to be tailor made for individual patient andcan be challenging in clinical practice. There are reports of treating psychogenic vomiting using different forms of psychotherapies and antidepressants. Here we report successful treatment of psychogenic vomiting in an adolescent using multiple therapeutic strategies. Pharmacological treatment including escitalopram and amitriptyline along with multiple psychotherapeutic interventions were used.

Case Reports