Smart generation with smartphone hooked to Internet addiction

  • Tanu Gupta


From the last decade, there is a rapid increase in usage of Internet. It has come up as a global network that helps people in connecting and communicating with each other around the globe. The advent of smartphone and easy access to Internet has brought so many advantages to our life. On the other hand, it has raised several concerns for parents, professionals and researchers. Children, adolescents and young adults are facing the major brunt of this technology advancement. The article uses the term smart generation as a proposed nomenclature for today’s children and adolescents who are exposed to the smart devices (I pad, smartphone, computer, laptop etc.) at an early age and who spend a large amount of their time with them. Now a day, Internet addiction disorder or problematic Internet use has become a concern of each and every household in India. Latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorder (DSM-5) uses the term Internet gaming disorder for this problem. The term Internet addiction (IA) has been used in different studies with different connotations, as there is lack of consensus regarding any specific definition of IA. It has been seen that people who are addicted to the Internet have difficulty in fulfilling their personal and professional responsibilities due to their constant involvement with online activities. They do experience negative emotions and withdrawal symptoms when their Internet access is restricted. The concept of IA includes cyber-sexual addiction, cyber relationship addiction, online gaming addiction, net compulsions, computer addiction, smartphone addiction and information overload. However, till date the validity of these categories are still under investigation and require further research.

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